Corporate Identity

What does your logo say about your company?

Corporate identity is a ten dollar phrase that otherwise would be simply stated as “logo“. That being the case, then why bother to put on airs? Why not just say, “logo,” and be concise? I would argue that people’s impression of what “logo” means is misunderstood. In other words, a logo is an identifier and it is your company’s symbol distilled down to the barest words, shapes and colours. But, a Corporate Identity is the visual essence of what your company’s philosophy stands for. That’s important information for the consumer.

An example I like to use likens your company to a dog’s name. If the purpose of a dog’s name is simply to signify it from the rest of the pack, any old name will do. But, if you want to say something unique about the animal, more consideration must be taken. A name like, “Spot,” is  a fine name in it’s own right. It’s a clever play on an identifying marker on the dog. However, “Spot” does little else to inform you about the nature of the pet. On the other hand, a dog named “Killer McBitey” is telling you volumes about the dog’s unique outlook on the world. The difference between a Logo and a well crafted Corporate Identity is comparable to this example.