Professional graphic imagery isn’t just important to a brand, it’s a critical component to a company’s credibility.


Photoshop & Artistic Skills
Brand Strategy and Copywriting
Daily Coffee Intake Target
File Set up, Pre-press, & Online Advertising
Brand Developer

Real Deal

It’s within the first second of viewing your brand, within the first fractions of a second really, that potential consumers answer an unspoken question: “do I believe this company is the real deal?” A fraction of a second isn’t very long to convey your company’s long history of successes and commitments. However, it’s just about all the time I need to convey to customers that yes, this company is the real deal and that you should trust them.

Art Director


I think of myself different from most graphic designers in that I rarely consider myself a graphic designer at all. It’s more of a title that’s an easy handle to grasp when people ask, “what is it that you do?” I’m an illustrator, I’m a pre-press print technician, I’m an art director, to some I am a commercial artist. However to most, I am simply their “imagery guy.” Because at the heart of it, I provide a service that is beyond the scope of what is typically assigned to a graphic designer.

Creative Thinker

Go Further

Inspiration seldom appears on demand; a simple yet effective creative concept even less so. Sometimes a blank page, several cups of coffee, a furrowed brow and a thousand yard stare are what fills the time before the epiphany. Sadly, there are times when it just feels right to yank my hair out by the fistful. Regardless of the tactic, the goal remains the same: to not only make projects look good, but to expand on the initial creative spark and take it further than expected.



There’s often a question posed to songwriters: “which is written first, the lyrics or the tune?” More often than you would think, this question is appropriate for graphic design projects as well. Just as with songwriters, there is an incorrect assumption made. You see, headlines greatly influence the graphics just as much as the graphics will inspire apt headlines and body copy. Keeping both halves malleable is important. That’s when things really come together.

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The Seeley Agency’s role is to not only provide expert quality imagery, graphics, copy and layout, but also to assist in developing future campaign directives to further strengthen your company’s brand.