Vehicle Wraps

I love vehicle wraps.

I really do. They’re a challenge to design, but they’re worth every gray hair they produce on my head. I even got a chance to design wrap options for a hovercraft…a hovercraft!

They’re fantastic moving billboards that catch glances no matter where they go, or where ever they don’t go. What I mean is, take your newly wrapped vehicle to a busy street and park it. That’s free advertising for the cost of a parking spot! If that location is no longer effective, then drive to a better one. The next time you’re stuck in traffic, keep in mind people will have nothing better to do than to soak in your brand that’s splashed along the side of your delivery van. There’s no other form of print advertising that is just that versatile and eye catching.

But not all vehicle wrap designs are created equally. The streets are filled with wrapped cars and trucks. Yours will have to be exceptional if you want it to stand out. Whenever possible, I enjoy making a big impact with the visuals on service vehicles.

I just need to mention again I designed full wrap mock ups for a hovercraft. Seriously, how cool is that? I’ve also wrapped a plane. So, if anyone out there needs a helicopter wrapped…I beg you, please call me!